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The Windmill School

Primary Department

The Windmill School provides an autism-specific, predictable and purposeful learning environment in which autistic pupils succeed and thrive more effectively, and where they will have the best chance of achieving academic success.

Our curriculum approach reflects our respect for each student as an individual, aiming to develop knowledge, understanding, self-reliance and coping skills in a supportive environment that minimises distress.

We adopt the SPELL Framework recommended by the National Autistic Society:

  • Structure

  • Positive (attitudes & expectations)

  • Empathy

  • Low arousal

  • Links (parents, other professionals)

We expect our learning environments to be highly autism specific. Classroom routines are structured and experienced as safe, reliable and predictable with social and educational demands that are appropriate and meaningful.

We are also committed to the SCERTS (Social Communication, Emotional Regulation and Transactional Support) framework, used as a multidisciplinary holistic approach to teaching autistic pupils to develop their capacity to learn.

Emotional structure and routines are important to our students, and we seek to provide the appropriate level of 'scaffolding' to support individuals in their learning.

We incorporate well-researched and established strategies including aerobic activity and relaxation into daily routines, whilst employing visual and practical approaches throughout our teaching and learning programs.

The development of social and emotional literacy is supported through the use of well- established curriculum adaptations used in the education of autistic young people such as social stories and cartoon conversations that promote social understanding.