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SCERTS (Social Communication, Emotional Regulation and Transactional Support) is Multidisciplinary Framework evidenced to enhance engagement with learning and have a direct impact on the positive outcomes for autistic children and young people.

SCERTS offers a framework of specific guidelines for staff designed to plan an educational program for each student. The SCERTS framework acknowledges that multidisciplinary teamwork between teachers, speech and language therapists and occupational therapists is crucial for implementing a developmental life-long plan for autistic students. 

SCERTS values the input of families as part of the team collaboration around each child at The Windmill School, maximising educational progress through the development of individualised supports for learning. 

We target the core areas of SCERTS through each students Educational Health and Care Plan described below: 

SC- Social Communication - the development of spontaneous and functional communication and emotional expression to support the development of secure and trusting relationships.

ER- Emotional Regulation - the development of the ability to maintain well-regulated sensory systems, enhancing the ability to be available for learning and interacting, whilst acknowledging and respecting each students sensory preferences in interactions with others. 

TS - Transactional Supports - the development and implementation of supports to help all in the team around each child respond to their needs and interests. We modify and adapt the learning and social environment and provide social supports and task engagement supports to increase access to learning.