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The Windmill School

Physical Education

The temporary site at Dollis has a life skills room and a sensory room for Yoga and therapeutic indoor PE.

There are also outdoor spaces for physical activity and education, including outdoor gym equipment and access to scooters.

A specialist member of staff is on site every week to help our pupils to access healthy and purposeful physical activities as part of our specialist curriculum. 

We acknowledge the range of elements that make PE an overwhelmingly anxiety provoking subject and therefore offer a therapeutic curriculum offer where individual sensitivities are addressed. 

Our aim is to deliver high quality appropriate and accessible PE to our students through a set of guiding principles to ensure PE is a positive experience that enhances skills but also well being. Dance, movement, swimming and yoga are all delivered as part of our framework for PE. 

Guiding principles for PE 

  • A sensory approach using a program of interoception
  • Communication that is visual and verbal 
  • Structure to provide anchors and routines 
  • Planning ahead, visual elements and zoning of spaces, groupings
  • Practical activities delivered 1:1 as well as in a group 
  • Exploration of synchrony and interaction in movement and dance (Laban theory)